Our House

Now that we’re moving after five years here, I need to say thank you for our house, God.

Thank you for the refrigerator that has continued to work even after the door handle broke and even though I never bothered to hook up the ice maker.

Thank you for the stove that was able to be repaired rather than replaced.

Thank you for the plumber who fixed the downstairs bathroom sink the first year we lived here and the plumber who replaced our dishwasher. And thank you for helping me figure out why the toilet wasn’t quite working – and that it was a simple and fairly clean fix.

Thank you for the woods outside where our children played and made “Bunny Civ”. Thank you that though they saw snakes they never had a scary incident with one. (Well, except that one surprise from the one on the rock in the water!)

Thank you for the times when our friends came to visit and we walked far into the woods. Thank you that the next day we were able to find the iPhone that got dropped and left out there over night. Thanks that it wasn’t destroyed in the elements.

Thank you for neighbors who left room for our car to park at the top of the hill when snow was coming, for neighbors who shoveled snow together once a year, for neighbors who raised money to fix the drain in the lake, and who mowed the top of the dam.

Thank you for the visitor to our home who took one look around and said, “You don’t have a bad view out of a single window.” I’ve tried to never take that for granted these five years, especially the dining room window and all those sunrises you painted for me. Thank you.

Thank you for the deck and the sale on deck furniture a few years back, and for those Sunday afternoon naps in the Spring out there. Thank you for every line in the wood grain, for a great spot to grill while enjoying a beer, to pace while talking on the phone, to read while the sun set, and to watch leaves fall from the trees.

Thank you for every whiffle ball game, football toss, and miles of frisbee throws in the front yard, back yard, and off the deck.

Thank you for those robins who put the nest under the deck in such a way that our kids could look between the boards and see the eggs, the hatching, the feeding, and the fly away two years in a row.

Thank you that someone shot the beavers before they could put a tree on top of our roof. Thank you that when you blew over that dead tree it only glanced the roof. Thanks that the insurance replaced the damage and a little more.

Thank you for every sermon, every jazz album, and every podcast I was able to soak in while mowing, raking, shoveling, and weed eating that marvelous acre.

Thank you that we were brave enough to paint this time when we moved in rather than waiting. Thank you for our jazz blue bathrooms, our red dining room, and gold living room.

Thank you for the bay window in the piano room. Thanks for putting the full moon in winter right outside to light up the night and early morning hours – an amazing sight!

Thank you for the garage where we could put one of our cars. It made me feel like a great rich man to go in and out never worrying about the weather.

Thank you that our children found the unfinished basement so much fun even in the cold. Thanks for that free air hockey table. Thank you that once we found the hole in the basement and sealed it, the mice and snake didn’t bother us again.

Thanks for the friends who told us about the safe chemical that kept the spiders from coming back onto our front porch. Thanks for the beautiful neighborhood of webs we got to see before they vacated.

Thanks for keeping the basement and all our stuff in it quite dry. Thank you that as our children grew from kiddos to teenagers we had space to keep some kid stuff, so we could pretend that maybe they weren’t growing up so fast after all.

Thank you for my walking route up hill and down hill, and for the chance to watch those houses being built one day at a time from dirt to framing, to finishing to new neighbors who needed our daughter to feed their cat when they were on vacation.

Thanks for the quiet moments on December mornings when the house was cold and dark except for my hot coffee and the lights on our Christmas tree.

Thank you that the stair rails held up no matter how many kids swung around them like a slalom skier.

Surely these are just a few of the things on the top of my head for which I thank you, God, regarding our house of the past five years. We would happily keep living here, except we are called elsewhere. Thank you that we are excited to go there as a family – and thank you for living there too.