The Concert – April 16, 2010

About This Concert

What a night! We were invited to play the final concert of Central’s 2009-2010 concert series. It was a blast to dust off pieces we had played ten years prior on our Master’s recitals. More than that, it was an incredible experience to notice that we were different. Both of us had changed in ten years. We don’t always notice where the time goes. We don’t often notice how much changes or how we approach the world differently over time (except maybe if you do something radically different with your hair). Our musicianship was different. The most modern piece we played, but the one most indicative of the changes that had taken place in each of us and our marriage, was “Distances Within Me.” It is a very apt title. We didn’t realize how apt until we were actually standing there playing it. The concert also marked the culmination of our first year out of the Air Force and the end of our first year at Covenant Seminary in St. Louis. So change took place over ten years, but that particular year was downright upheaval. We realize now that we had grown stronger as individuals and as a couple. Our ability to make music together was different. Our ability to parent and our movement together as husband and wife was different. There was a settled nature to things that had not been there in our first years of marriage. Yes, it is kind of cliche to point out that people change over time, but just because it’s cliche doesn’t make it any less true. I’m not sure if we’ll pull out these same pieces in another ten years, but after this experience we might seriously consider it. We hope these concert videos might bring you a small taste of the goodness we experienced while playing that night.